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What Beach Home Buyers Are Looking For

Even though you own a home in a luxury real estate market in Southwest Florida, it is essential to make your property even more alluring than all the other SWFL homes for sale. Your home’s proximity to the water isn’t always going to be enough for these potential buyers, as they are not typically your first-time buyers, these are seasoned buyers.

What will sell your prospective buyer is the thoughtful steps you put into place while deciding how you will prep and market your SWFL home and who is going to guide you through this process.

Marketing and Pricing Luxury Properties

When you’re marketing a home of such luxury and significant expense, your listing price needs alignment through market trends and several other data points. A strong listing price strategy needs to be implemented and executed. Your Florida home is not the only luxury property presented for sale on the market; the luxury real estate market is extremely competitive and requires a home to stand out to capture the audience.

Marketing your home requires the seller to get familiar with how to set a competitive price. All of your home’s unique traits need to be emphasized in your strategic target marketing approach, as well as boosting your listing to catch every buyer’s eye and interest. Working with a local SWFL realtor specializing in the luxury market will be vital in the rate at which your home sells and the most amount of money you will retrieve.

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Selecting the Best Florida Real Estate Agent

Experience in Strategic Target Marketing; plain and simple. Your real estate agent must have an exceptional target marketing experience in the transactions that you currently wish to implement. Your realtor needs to know how to specifically target market the most suitable buyer that fits your house. Marketing your home so that all interested buyers will make an offer you’ll appreciate and accept.

Those who are qualified are familiar with the dos and don’ts of the local real estate market. These individuals know what homes are trading for, similar to yours, and buyers they’ll be specifically market.

Understanding the Buyers in the Florida Markets

Real estate brokers and their realtors, who have experience selling properties on LBI, know that selling a waterfront or coastal home is far different from putting a traditional house on the market. With their proximity to the water, waterfront homes give owners many recreational activities that cannot be found elsewhere.

Understanding the buyer’s interests can help in marketing a home tremendously. If you can highlight the sought out aspects of the buyer, in your home’s marketing, he or she will be a lot more likely to seal the deal on that transaction. Let us shown you how!

Your SWFL Homes Competitive Price Is?

Even though being in a luxury market means a higher selling price, you still have to be careful not to overprice your home. Houses, as seen on the market for an extended period, is an indicator that the seller has overpriced their home. It happens; we are here to make sure that is not the case for you.

When coming up with your home’s listing price, a few things need to be determined. Its location, the features present, the prices of the surrounding homes in your immediate area, the opportunity or potential your home can offer today or tomorrow these are just a few. The price will also depend on the proximity to the water and the views it bestows. Either way, these features need to be presented at a fair price, all sentimental value to the side.

Water Accessibility

Water accessibility is crucial to waterfront home buyers…After all, that is the point of having a home on the water. An elegant walkway or path to the water is another essential, sought-after feature that will allow a quicker sale. If your walkway needs some sprucing up, whether that may be weeding or trimming bushes or putting in steps, get that done before you launch the home sale on the MLS or before any walkthroughs. Easy and quick accessibility is a real added value.

Clean Your Beach Homes Exterior

Coastal homes having to deal with the constant strong winds and sea breeze, the shore’s windows and siding tend to get covered in sand and salt. This sort of grime tends to be on waterfront homes, and the residue can genuinely add up if you do not clean your exterior with some frequency. Your buyer is going to want to be able to see a clear view from inside the home, I assure you.

Here is a quick cleaning tip. As the seller, it is recommended you clean the windows regularly with undiluted white vinegar. Spray the whole glass surface with a spray bottle, and watch the vinegar dissolve salt’s build-up. Then scrub the window with a sponge. Repeat this process as many times as needed.